Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Luxie's words

I keep posting about funny things she says, but right now she is at an age that allows for a lot of comedy when she speaks. She really has a great grasp on language, but like anyone learning something new, sometimes gets concepts or ideas mixed up.

Lately she has taken to calling us by our real names, I guess because she hears us saying them to eachother all the time. The funny thing is that her dad's name is Nate, which sounds a lot like the word "neat". So suddenly anything that is "neat" has become really "nate."

"Oh, that's nate, mommy!" and "Nate pichur momma!" are just a few of the ways she uses the word. So cute.


Blogger joy madison said...

LOVE that stage....its so cute

1:52 AM  
Blogger andrea said...

I remember how weird it sounded hearing ava call her daddy 'ward'... so cute, though.

by the way,we've missed you guys.

6:51 PM  
Blogger mommy zabs said...


6:09 PM  
Blogger mommy zabs said...

Okay girl, cause i don't have my computer I don't ahve your email. Hit me up and let me know how you are... also taht way I can have your email!
Miss you

10:20 PM  

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