Monday, May 16, 2005

Sunflowers, birds, chipmonks, and other things

Lately it has been a zoo around here! Besides the yucky sickness that surrounds me like a fog reminding me every moment that Im only half the woman I used to be, we have been inundated with wild and wacky surroundings!

Not long ago I wrote (on one of my blogs...) about a Robin's nest just outside the kitchen window. Well the babies have hatched and there are four! Four babies and two adults living in the tiniest nest! Actually, it appears the babies may have reached their mature flying age recently, because I havent heard their chirps for food lately. And they had been growing at a rapid pace! I spent one afternoon watching the mom/dad/caretaker bird flying to and from the nest hour after hour bringing worms to the baby birds. I felt for that bird, spending her/his whole day foraging for food, listening to 4 kids chirping constantly at her. No time to fly around and check out what's going on around the neighborhood. At one point they were all squawking at her and I saw her step back, sit down, and just take a few minutes to herself. Smart bird.

Then there has been a family of chipmonks running around right near the nest. We have always had chipmonks, but this particular day must have been a playful day for the baby "monks" (chipmonk is a long word...) because they were wrestling around and chasing eachother, then occasionally momma monk would run out and hustle them back in. Luxie really enjoyed it.

My sunflowers are not so grand an idea as they once were. Unfortunately some bug must really like them because each of them has been snipped off at ground level and the little leaves are gone. The big ones only got as tall as my middle finger, but it is still disappointing. I am doing what I can to keep them growing from here, but not sure it's going to work. Ahh, and like the momma bird, my break has ended and my "little bird" is chirping at me from her crib letting me know nap time has ended. RATS!


Blogger joy madison said...

chipmonks are SOOOO cute!!! You are lucky that you can watch them. We have some birds living in the trees by our house....some are super tiny (like less than 6 inches long) I wonder what their babies look like! Hope your sickies go away!

5:10 PM  
Blogger mommy zabs said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so bad :( I know you feel like half the woman, but you are actually more than a woman considering you have an extra human being growing inside!

9:37 PM  
Blogger andrea said...

yeah, I remember that pregnancy 'haze'... sorry you're so deep in it now! does sound like a little bit of a zoo over there (but in a good way)...

2:40 PM  

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