Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pregnancy and such

Well, I guess I oughta get back to posting! Ive abandoned my blogs for a while now while enduring the first weeks of pregnancy. It is the oddest thing to me, pregnancy and all it entails. For instance, Im having "evening sickness" rather than morning sickness. With my first I was literally vomiting daily until 5 months. With this one I knew at 3.5 weeks I was pregnant because of the odd waves of hunger I was having, which really climaxed around 6 weeks, and is now, at 11 weeks, subsiding to just evening sickness. It is like clockwork. I certainly have to keep my belly full all day or I get extremely yucky, but right around 5pm everything goes downhill. And this lasts the rest of the evening until bedtime around 1030. Praise God Ive only had two nights of total sickness, making this a much better pregnancy than before! But I sure cant wait until this period ends. It's just so gross, so frustrating, so exhausting.

With my daughter I took Reglan (or metoclopromide in generic form) for nausea because I had had it once for a terrible sickness. It really helped lower the ickyness. But now I have only taken it once a day, before bed. It helps me get thru the night without waking up several times to fill my stomach. However, I have had this cold that is all throat related, and have had to do a lot of coughing, and let me tell you, that does nothing for the gag reflex. My sister-in-law and I were talking about how just brushing your teeth becomes a delicate matter! Argh!

So now Ive gone on about a bunch of gross stuff people probably dont want to hear, but I find it so interesting that you rarely hear this stuff discussed before you have your first child! It's like no one wants to let you in on the secret until you are knee deep in it and then all of the horror stories come rushing out at you! I had no idea how sick some ladies get until I was terribly sick! I had no idea about miscarriages until I had a miscarriage. It is like a secret society, that only those in the mix are allowed to participate in. If you are pregnant, you are going thru the "hazing" period. Earning your stripes or belts. Paying your dues. People start to let you in on little situations you really knew nothing about prior to your pregnancy. Then you have the baby and you are completely overwhelmed with this new responsibility, and suddenly moms with kids just a little older have so much wisdom and advice for you that they never even dared to tell you about when you were pregnant.

I find that it's best to talk with moms who have kids the same age or just a little older. If you have a 2 year old and you get to talking to moms with teenagers it's like you are on two different planets. They have advice that isnt quite age appropriate, or seems outdated, or sometimes even pull the old "well, you'll see!" or "we sure didnt do that" cards. That just frustrates me. Dont get me wrong, many parents of older kids, and even grandparents have awfully good advice too. But no one seems to understand what you are going thru unless they are right there in it themselves. And that is what has been nice about this pregnancy. I now have five pregnant friends right around the same number of weeks as me. And that helps.


Blogger joy madison said...

I was just sick all the time...just nauseous. I threw up like 4-5 times with Jaylie, one time with Jaden and 0 times with Journey.....but I knind of always just felt sick. I figured out finally with Journey the whole eating trick....eating a little to help stave off nausea. I hope you feel better soon!

2:42 AM  
Blogger mommy zabs said...

amen sister.
my sickness has no predictability yet.
i need food and hate food all at the same time right now.
the mom thing. i so get you on that. Who the heck heard of a 4th degree tear until they delivered a baby and got one? I guess these are good things to not know!

10:05 PM  

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