Monday, October 24, 2005

"Im Cindy!"

For the past two days my darling daughter, Lux Sophia, has proclaimed her name to be "Cindy." After months of finding just the perfect name, not too common, not too obscure, I have had to resort to calling her "Cindy." Where this came from, I have no idea! But I do find it rather cute because I remember being "Michelle" for a short period of time when I was younger too. Well, I must go fix "Cindy" some lunch!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another funny thing

I know I go on about the funny things Luxie says, but lately this has been really cute to me. Of course we encourage her to eat her meals, and when she eats what we ask her to she usually gets a big "Hurray! Great job Luxie!" Lately she has become the big encourager. Everytime Nate or I, or anyone else, eats all the food on their plate they get a big "Great Job!" from Luxie!

Just this morning grandma brought her empty plate into the kitchen after breakfast and immediately Luxie smiled real big and shouted "Great job Mimi!" This afternoon I finished my soup and Luxie saw the inside of my bowl was empty. "Great job Mommy! You ate your lunch!" she cheered. It's just so funny to be cheered on to cleaning my plate!