Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mommy Tricks

I got to thinking about certain "tricks" of the trade that Ive seen moms use that opened my eyes to doing things differently or provided me with some "inside information" that I wasnt aware of. You know, those things you see another mom do and you think "what a great idea! i had no idea i could do that!"

1. saving the plastic grocery bags to use them for stinky diapers. I guess it is plainly obvious but I just learned this one about 4 months ago! what a great idea. you put the stinky diaper in the bag, tie it up, then toss it in the outside trash, never to be smelled again.

2. If it is raining or bad weather and you have a hatchback car or suv, lift the lid and open the stroller under that. Then load the kids in the stroller under the hatchback, shielding you and them from the weather.

3. "Easter Egg Hunts" in the house. This works really well for my 2 year old who loves to put things "in." I put plastic eggs, or fake kitchen food, or kid things around the living room or the entire house. Then she goes "shopping" or "hunting" for these things. She loves to find them and put them in her bag, and it keeps her busy for at least half an hour.

4. Keep an extra plastic ziplock bag in your snack bag. This has come in so handy for various uses. At the park Luxie likes to use it to carry around the treasures she finds, nuts, flowers, leaves, etc. At restaurants I have used the bag for leftovers, keeping her occupied before the meal comes by putting things in it, and for putting her messy baby spoon or half eaten baby food jar in (when she was younger) following the meal, containing the mess.

5. Keep an extra sippy cup in the car. I cant tell you how many times I have forgotten the cup! Then I am stuck either trying to give her drinks out of a cup without a lid (some places still arent kid friendly enough to serve kid cups) or driving around with a whining baby girl who is really thirsty! Granted, now that she can use a straw things are much easier, but I could have kicked myself for the number of times an extra sippy cup in the car was needed last year!

I would love to hear about any other mommy tricks you might have seen. I know my life has been made a little easier by these!


Blogger mommy zabs said...

great tricks.
1. make a game out of cleaning the face. My son hates it. If I make it seem fun and make lots of noises he loves it!
2. Tru dog song on a tobymac cd. NO JOKE- I got the release when he was an infant and anytime he has a fit in the car i turn it on and it WORKS! He quiets down!
I'll try and think of more :)

10:04 PM  
Blogger joy madison said...

hmmmm, I've got a lot of tricks up my sleeve: put your new diaper under the old diaper as you are changing them; especially if you don't have a diaper pad, and their butts never have to touch the wipes fit perfectly into a quart sized ziploc bag (another plastic bag trick)..... seatbelt in a milk crate between your kids in the back bench seat and put in a set number of "car toys" so the car doesn't get full of crap:) (this doesn't really work all the time)

2:41 AM  

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