Saturday, February 12, 2005


Ive been thinking lately about the funny things we love to do as kids that we later hate to do as adults. I realize this is all a part of learning, but I suppose once the task is learned we weary of having to do it again and again. So here are some things I find my daughter doing that have no desire to do whatsoever, or would probably not be caught doing! (When I think about doing these things myself, it gives me a good laugh.)

1. Putting a bunch of things in a box only to dump them all out again and start over.

2. Twirl in circles endlessly. (when does that sick feeling from spinning start to develop?)

3. Eating with hands. (although I occasionally still do this!)

4. Rolling around on the ground. (regardless of whether it's grass, pavement, kitchen floor, a store, restaurant, etc.)

5. Get clothes dirty. (again, I occasionally still do this, but it is not intentional. the other day she sat on a raisin in her light pants and had a big brown spot on her back side the rest of the day. didnt bother her a bit!)

6. Leave face messy. (can you imagine me walking around with leftover pizza from lunch on my face? or worse, a runny nose wiped across my face?)

7. Eat food off the floor. (ok, now if you have read my other blog at you know that on occasion I have allowed for the 5 second rule. But I dont eat something I've suddenly discovered from several days ago. Not long ago I caught her with a pea from about a week before and she was trying to chew it. ewww.)

8. Scream hysterically accompanied by flailing arm or leg movements to get what's wanted. (well, I suppose my husband could argue this point against me, however, I still say I dont throw tantrums.)

9. Crazy outfits. (you know, you've seen the poor kids out there who have either dressed themselves or their parents have quite an interesting idea of what to put their kids in. on occasion we have been one of those families with the oddly dressed child. i admire in some ways how kids could care less what others think. it might be fun to always wear what i like and not care what others think. and ive seen those adults out there too. and i think they're crazy.)

10. And finally, the whole diaper thing. (all I can say is thank heaven Im not having to do that.)


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