Saturday, January 29, 2005


Thanks for stopping by! This is my first post on my newly created blog primarily for moms but definitely interesting and quirky enough for the average reader. And just in time for this unveiling my little hot potato gave me something fun to write about. (By the by I have a 22 month old spunky lil thang that will be the focus of most of my posts. Her name is Lux.)

Each evening we have "tub time" before bed which involves a certain number of ritualistic events before actually entering the tub. First we sing the "Let's go get in the tub" song as we dance our way to the bathroom. Then I get the tub going while Luxie begins throwing random toys into the bathtub asking each time in toddler lingo "fz diddo dis one?" and daddy or I answer "no, that cant go in" or "yeah! that can go in." If it gets a yes in it goes. Shortly after the water is started and the toys are in the tub we start getting her undressed. She cant rip that diaper off quickly enough. Then she runs naked thru the house for about 5 minutes grabbing toys along the way that will eventually also be tossed into the tub. Finally we chase her down, pour in some bubbles, and basically get the party started.

Well tonight while I was sitting by the tub watching her play I began daydreaming about names for my blog. I see her with two pieces of an egg (the plastic eggs you find in Easter baskets) and she's walking them along the side of the tub saying "Hi! dudi pay wif me?" and then chatting along creating a story about the eggs. Suddenly she puts them both on her chest, looks at me and says "Futzie (her name for herself) bra." I snapped out of my daydream just in time to hear her say again, "Futzie bra" with a proud look on her face. My first reaction was to start giggling because it was just sooo cute. On the other hand your mind starts racing with thoughts of "where did she learn this?...obviously from me, did she know to do that?....she really is smart!....maybe even a genius....but is she going to do that in public?...should I stop changing in front of her?...really, she is so cute!....etc. I figured that was as good a stopping point as any and tub time came to an end.

As a mom it seems like things like this take place daily! I am continually surprised at just how quickly kids learn. It really teaches you how important it is that we realize what an influence we are on them. We get 4-5 years to really make an impression before the rest of the world steps in, and that isnt much time. Every time I witness a new event I am so excited to see her growing and learning, but equally touched by how quickly time is passing. Soon she will be a teenager who is irritated by my every move and I will long for these special times again.


Blogger joy madison said...

LOL! Kids are so great! With the new baby at our house my kids are all about the boobs these days. Jaden (3 y.o. boy) always asks, "Is the baby sucking on your bones?" bones=boobs in jadenland.

6:46 PM  
Blogger lulu said...

ha! that is funny! i love reading about other people's kids. it helps reassure me that this is normal. by the way, could you send me the link to your blog again? i loved reading it and somehow the bookmark has disappeared. thanks Joy

7:07 PM  
Blogger joy madison said...

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