Thursday, February 03, 2005

the lives of moms

Here's a story I just had to post that a friend sent me recently. (She doesnt know I am posting this and friend, I should have asked permission but, well, I have no excuse.) I just found it to be a great example of what we as moms experience on a daily basis!

This friend has two kids 18 mos apart. The youngest was born just this past December so she is adjusting to life with two. And I should point out that she is a very organized and "with it" woman!

Monday, I took the two kids to
Wal-Mart. It was completely crazy. There was hardly enough room in the
cart with both kids. As we were checking out, "son" was getting restless. I
decided to let him play with the car keys. When we got to the car, I put
him in his carseat and let him hold the keys until I was done loading the
car. I shut the last door, before getting in the car myself, and heard
everything LOCK! He had pressed the remote "lock" button on the keychain.
Both of my kids were locked in the car, and I didn't have anything on me (no
purse, no phone, etc.) I immediately panicked and started praying. I tried
yelling through the window at him, "Press the OTHER button!" He just kept
staring at me trying to understand what I was saying. I tried to find
someone walking by with a cell phone, but I wasn't having any was
raining...and it was Wal-Mart. Finally,...after what seemed like an
eternity...maybe 10 minutes...I heard the doors unlock! I guess he
finally "pressed the other button!" Thank you God!!!

The next day, I went to Target. "son" started going through my purse and
throwing things all over the cart. I bought some markers for him and opened
them up in the store in hopes of entertaining him. The next thing I know, I
hear "(her name), please come to the Customer Service counter." They
had my wallet. I guess he had thrown it out of the cart. I proceeded
through the check-out line and realized that we had already lost half of the
markers that we were about to buy. At that point, I didn't care. I just
wanted to get home. Once we were home, I realized that I had "stolen" a
small notepad! I accidentally stuck it in my purse when I was trying to
clean up the mess that he had made with the contents of my purse. Oh
goodness! What's next?

Ahhh, as much as I sympathize (and really I do!) something about these stories makes me feel good. I know that sounds terrible, but it just feels good to know that other people walking around at the store with kids are going thru the same thing you are! God bless you friend--but thanks!


Blogger joy madison said...

Life with kids....let me tell you, I haven't yet gotten to an age where this type of thing doesn't happen. i can take jaylie (5 y.o.) on her own, but with her brother its just crazy.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...


Just came across your blog. Just wanted to saty that though my two little darlings are teenagers now, I always send a little prayer upwards when I am in the supermarket and I hear a child starting to play up; I remember so many times when one of mine had a tantrum or something. You want the ground to swallow you up. My heart goes out to all mums with small children, battling around the supermarket.

I'll stop by and visit again if I may

All the best from Wales (UK)

7:06 PM  
Blogger lulu said...

thanks so much for your comments! i promise lots more to come. keep stopping by! lulu

7:53 PM  

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