Friday, February 18, 2005

some of the greatest toys...

...come in the strangest packages! What I mean is, it is amazing what kids end up liking compared with what is available at the store these days for them to play with. Here are some things she has spent hours enjoying that I never would have imagined her liking:

1. a package of colorful straws (77cents)

2. chip clips (those things used to keep your chips fresh)

3. ice (i give it to her with a bowl and she holds if for a while, then rests, then watches it melt)

4. cups (her colorful sippy cups w/o the lids. she loves to stack and unstack them)

5. a cardboard box (depending on the size it is either a great container, a "pool", or a play house)

6. acorns/leaves/pinecones (she collects them outside then brings them in and plays with them)

7. noodles (when they are still hard, out of the package. they come in fun shapes and colors and she carries them around for days) (again 77cents)
* hard beans also to pour, scoop, and put her feet in.

8. magazines (we look thru them together, and she tells me what to cut out for her. then she saves them or we use them for a craft project--2 uses!

9. clothes (she loves to empty then fill my dresser drawers (i keep just pajamas/t-shirts in there) or to dress up in her clothes and mine.

10. family photo books (i buys a very inexpensive flip book and put photos of the family in it. we look at it several times a day. then i switch out the photos.)


Anonymous andrea said...

isn't it funny? baby ezra loves half-empty water bottles and 2-liters, kitchen utensils and brown paper bags. he'll take those over bright and shiny toys ANYDAY.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous andrea said...

when ava was about 2 1/2 or 3, I bought a couple (or probably more) pounds of rice at whole foods. I laid down an old shower curtain and dumped the rice in a large shallow storage bin. ava plopped right down in it as if it were her own personal sandbox and had LOADS of fun. I gave her various kitchen utensils, cups and toys to play around with and it really was the greatest thing... I guess beans might work, too (as you have already mentioned above)...

4:54 PM  
Blogger joy madison said...

kids have the best and cheapest imaginations! I love it!

4:01 AM  

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